REAL is a maintenance division of the Pyramid Group, initially created to work on defect requirements of Group construction projects from practical completion to the end of Defect Liability Period.

REAL’s scope of work now provides both a reactive and preventative service, with a facility to manage small capital work projects.

Our Services

Services include:
  • Bricklaying – repairs and modification
  • Cabinet work – minor works – handles, hinges, modifications
  • Carpentry – doors, skirting, trims etc.
  • Carpet work – replacement tiles and minor repairs
  • Electric – light bulbs replacement
  • General housekeeping
  • Gyprock – ceiling/walls, access panels, flushing etc.
  • Glazing – minor – replacement of broken panes
  • Plastering – internal/external render
  • Plumbing – taps/washers/leaky toilets etc.
  • Roofing – flashing/guttering/nominal roof tiling
  • Tarmac/paving – block paving/pot holes
  • Tiling – broken tiles, grouting, waterproofing etc.
  • Welding – minor metal work

We have a preferred list of service providers who we work closely with to provide excellent quality and service to Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Glazing and Roofing requirements as well.



REAL understand how important reactive work is to a client, whether an asset manager or an owner. The winter months can bring volumes of rain and strong winds that inevitably cause damage to homes and commercial buildings. Roof and window leaks in particular can cause lasting damage if not attended to quickly. The summer months bring mechanical problems and again can cause serious damage and financial implications, as well as an uncomfortable time for the resident or employees of a business.

Capital Works

The strength and experience of the Pyramid Group, enables REAL to work on small capital jobs for our clients. This construction experience means we have a full scope of works in our portfolio and are able to accept a variety of projects.


We understand the utmost importance in keeping valuable assets in good condition. This not only means expensive plant equipment, but anything that needs maintaining to give it a longer lasting life span and a continued productivity and profitability where possible.

Essential Services Management

REAL has recently moved into the Essential Services Management industry after 12 months of research and preparation into creating a full service model for our clients.

It is important to us that we recognise the key drivers in providing an essential services management service which helps sustain the productivity of the building. A reduction in operational life cycle costs, a fully effective maintenance schedule including running repairs and security implementation all form part of an efficient management program.